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[directfb-cvs] DirectFB

CVSROOT:	/cvs/directfb
Module name:	DirectFB
Changes by:	dok	20011012 02:03:04

Modified files:
	inputdrivers/keyboard: keyboard.c 
	src/core       : fbdev.c fbdev.h 

Log message:
Several enhancements make DirectFB now really usable with "--no-vt-switch",
with this option you are able to run DirectFB programs without super user
privileges. You need read/write access to /dev/fb and you should start it from
the console, i.e. not within X.

DirectFB now restores the palette during deinitialization.
DirectFB now turns cursor and blanking back on.
DirectFB now restores the terminal attributes like local echo.

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