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CVSROOT:	/cvs/directfb
Module name:	DirectFB
Changes by:	dok	20011020 08:49:50

Modified files:
	gfxdrivers/matrox: matrox.c matrox.h matrox_bes.c matrox_state.c 

Log message:
Added acceleration for older Matrox cards (Mystique and Millenium I & II).
Tested on a Mystique with SGRAM

Supported are:
- Solid rectangle/triangle filling
- Solid line/rectangle drawing
- Blitting with or without source color keying

Mystique seems to has a texture mapping unit, but I didn't get it working
correctly, scaled images looked tiled/interleaved, but it was slower than
software anyway, so it propably wouldn't trade off.

Fixed BCOL setting (colorkey mask), all 32 bit must be filled for these cards.

Added second simple blitting function 'matroxBlit2D_Old',
because BitBlt programming is too different between new and old cards.

Source and destination surface offset handling is totally different, too.

Cleaned up CheckState functions, optimized invalidation rules in SetState.
(Don't know why source registers had been invalidated on destination changes).

Tested on a Mystique with SGRAM on an Athlon 1.33GHz:
- Rectangle Filling 823 MPixel/sec
- Blitting 46 MPixel/sec (software was about 30)

Without "--matrox-sgram" feature:
- Rectangle Filling 94 MPixel/sec !

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