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[directfb-cvs] DirectFB

CVSROOT:	/cvs/directfb
Module name:	DirectFB
Changes by:	dok	20011025 16:33:17

Modified files:
	include        : directfb.h 
	src/display    : idirectfbsurface.c idirectfbsurface.h 
	src/gfx        : convert.h 

Log message:
Important API change:

IDirectFBSurface::SetSrcColorKey has to be called on the source now,
when blitting to a surface which has source color keying enabled.

For IDirectFBSurface::SetSrcColorKey and IDirectFBSurface::SetDstColorKey:
The color key is now specified by three values each 8bit: r, g and b.
They will be converted to the pixelformat of the surface automatically.

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