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[directfb-cvs] DirectFB

CVSROOT:	/cvs/directfb
Module name:	DirectFB
Changes by:	andi	20011030 02:28:01

Modified files:
	.              : 
Added files:
	data           : .cvsignore cursor.dat 
Removed files:
	examples       : .cvsignore colorkeyed.png 
	                 convergence.png cursor.dat cursor.png cursor2.c 
	                 cursor64x64.dat decker.ttf desktop.png 
	                 destination_mask.png df_andi.c df_dok.c 
	                 df_dok.results df_dok_benchmark df_fire.c 
	                 df_joystick.c df_layer.c df_particle.c 
	                 df_porter.c df_stress.c df_video.c 
	                 df_video_particle.c df_window.c dfblogo.png 
	        intro.png melted.png meter.png 
	                 pngtest.png pngtest2.png pss.c shot.png 
	                 smokey_light.jpg tux.png wood_andi.jpg 
	examples/df_knuckles: .cvsignore df_knuckles.c 
	                      matrix.c matrix.h skull.h 
	examples/df_neo: .cvsignore apple-red.png 
	                 background.jpg df_neo.c gnome-applets.png 
	                 gnome-calendar.png gnome-foot.png 
	                 gnome-gimp.png gnome-gmush.png gnome-gsame.png 
	examples/spacedream: .cvsignore main.c math3d.c 
	                     math3d.h star1.png star2.png star3.png 

Log message:
- removed examples, moved them to DirectFB-examples.

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