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[directfb-cvs] DirectFB

CVSROOT:	/cvs/directfb
Module name:	DirectFB
Changes by:	dok	20021002 19:42:04

Modified files:
	interfaces/IDirectFBVideoProvider: idirectfbvideoprovider_v4l.c 
	src            : directfb.c idirectfb.c 
	src/core       : core.c input.c input.h layers.c palette.h 
	                 state.c state.h surfaces.c surfaces.h windows.c 
	src/core/fbdev : fbdev.c 
	src/core/fusion: fusion_internal.h lock.c object.c object.h 
	                 reactor.c reactor.h 
	src/core/fusion/shmalloc: shmalloc.c 
	src/display    : idirectfbsurface.c idirectfbsurface.h 
	src/input      : idirectfbinputbuffer.c idirectfbinputdevice.c 
	src/windows    : idirectfbwindow.c 

Log message:
Speed up reactor_attach/detach by writing reaction information to a
provided memory location which is also passed to reactor_detach.
Check depth specified in the configuration.

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