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[directfb-cvs] FusionSound

CVSROOT:	/cvs/directfb
Module name:	FusionSound
Changes by:	dok	20030703 03:28:08

Modified files:
	examples       : .cvsignore 
	include        : fusionsound.h 
	src            : ifusionsound.c ifusionsoundbuffer.c 
	                 ifusionsoundbuffer.h ifusionsoundstream.c 
	src/core       : core_sound.c core_sound.h 
	                 sound_buffer.c sound_buffer.h types_sound.h 
Added files:
	examples       : advanced.c 
	src            : ifusionsoundplayback.c ifusionsoundplayback.h 
	src/core       : playback.c playback.h 

Log message:
There two ways of playing a buffer now.

The simple playback is still controlled by IFusionSoundBuffer::Play() & Co,
but with the limitation to one looping playback at the same time.

Advanced playback including live volume, pan and pitch control is available
via the new interface IFusionSoundPlayback. It can be retrieved by calling
Each IFusionSoundPlayback provides one concurrent playback of the buffer
and can be started in looping mode or for a limited sample range.

Added advanced playback example testing each available feature using the
file specified on the command line.

Involved minor refactoring and the introduction of "Playback Objects".

Ported IFusionSoundBuffer and IFusionSoundStream to use the playback object.

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