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[directfb-dev] Re: Java 2D - Toolkit
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[directfb-dev] Re: Java 2D - Toolkit

Hi... wrote:

> Is there written a Java AWT Toolkit that is linked to the DirectFB implementation ? That would be useful to write Java (2D or Swing) programs on DirectFB.

As far as I remeber, we had a demo of AWT (with sample applications) on
DirectFB at the IBC 2000 in Amsterdam (convergence is implementing MHP).

Unfortunately I am not aware of legal and release status quo.

Bye... SP.
Szymon Polom				GPG Key-ID 1024D/E6EA36F2
convergence integrated media GmbH
Rosenthaler Str. 51			fon: +49(0)30-72 62 06 68 
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