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[directfb-dev] Re: [CVS-DirectFB] DirectFB

# Thus spake Denis Oliver Kropp (

> > are you planing on providing some kind of API to the options other than
> > DirectFBInit ? Or have I simply not found it?
> There is no API for manipulating these options, but you can use the files
> /etc/directfbrc and ~/.directfbrc for your configuration.
> The syntax is like on the command line but without the leading "--",
> commands ('#'), leading/trailing spaces, spaces before and after '='
> are allowed, e.g.:

Well, these are great for user and system specific overrides, but to
provide some defaults ( --quiet for example ;) ) I have to pass them in
via a fake argv which just seems awkward. No big deal, but it'd be nice
to be able to say dfb->SetOption("quiet") or something along those



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