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[directfb-dev] Re: graphics on fbdev console
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[directfb-dev] Re: graphics on fbdev console

Quoting Johannes Zellner (
> Hi,
> as far as I understood it, modes as 791 are graphics modes
> anyway, aren't they? -- is it possible then to write graphics
> to the current console, maybe occupying something like the
> top half of the screen so that I could display graphics and
> still have a shell prompt simultaneously ?

No that's not possible, the console does panning on the
framebuffer, we do too for double buffering fullscreen modes.
The right way would be be to write a terminal emulation that
covers the whole DirectFB desktop area so it looks like the
original linux terminal ;-)  Then you could start applications
(only threads yet) that are displayed half transparent on top
of the terminal. Any volunteer? 8-)

Denis Oliver Kropp
( convergence           )
( integrated media gmbh )

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