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[directfb-dev] Re: Some basic DirectFB questions
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[directfb-dev] Re: Some basic DirectFB questions

Hi, (Michael Hunold) writes:

> The basic steps (compiling and running the
> examples) went easily, but -- as always --
> some simple newbie questions are still
> left:

I'll leave some questions for Dok and will only try to answer your 
GTK+-related questions.

> 3)
> I'd really like to use GTK+ on top of DirectFB. Therefore
> I got the "gtk+-directfb-1.3.5.tar.gz" package and
> compiled and installed it.
> Some remarks about that: the "README" files says:
> > You need DirectFB-0.9.2 to compile and use this
> > version. DirectFB is the default target, but you can choose different
> > targets by using the --with-gdktarget=[x11/nanox/linux-fb/directfb]
> For me, this is not true. "x11" is the default target, not "directfb"
> "./configure --help" says:
> >[...]
> >  --with-gdktarget=[x11/nanox/linux-fb/directfb] select GDK target [default=x11] 
> >[...]

uhmm, my fault. I thought I had run autoconf before building the 
package. is correct, so running autoconf should fix
this problem.
> Perhaps this is a silly question, but after actually
> compiling the whole stuff -- where can I find a working
> demo program that uses this now?

there are demos distributed with GTK+ and these are also included
in our package. Check the demos and tests directories.

> How is this supposed to work anyway? Will the program 
> run in a kind of exclusive mode on DirectFB? The screenshots
> suggest, that it works more like a windowmanager, ie. that
> more that one program runs ontop of DirectFB.

DirectFB only supports a single application at the moment. 
This app can be multi-threaded and it can open multiple windows.
The window decorations you see on the screenshots are provided
by GTK+ and were added for the linuxfb port of GDK.

Salut, Sven

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