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[directfb-dev] Re: Some basic DirectFB questions
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[directfb-dev] Re: Some basic DirectFB questions

Hello Sven,

good news first:

> You did not install the Freetype backend of Pango correctly. This is not
> your fault. The default Pango installation does not take care of installing
> proper configuration files for PangoFT. You need to put some fonts into
> $prefix/lib/pango/ft2fonts and install a suitable
> $prefix/etc/pango/pangoft2.aliases. There is an example pangoft2.aliases
> distributed with Pango.

As I already said, I downloaded a prebuild RedHat 7.1 RPM directly from
the GTK ftp server, so I did not have any documentation or examples
for Pango here. 8-/

Solution: I downloaded the 0.14 release of pango and took the
"pangoft2.aliases" from there. Next I added some fonts from my
local W*nd*ws installation and -- voila -- "helloworld" runs.

Great! But two little problems now appeared:

1) I'm starting the directfb applications while using X to 
edit and compile the whole stuff. Is this considered to work

Anyway, after the application returns, the keyboard delay
and repeat settings of all X consoles / xterms / ... are
very low. I don't know at the moment how to reset them, never
had anything to do with this before.

2) When the application appears for the first time, all fonts
are drawn -- well -- destroyed. I have to move the mouse cursor
onto each string to force a redraw -- then it gets drawn correctly.

> > So I always get the X11 versions of "helloworld" and others.
> You need to change your Makefile so pkg-config uses gtk+-directfb-2.0.pc.
> Just ask for the gtk+-directfb-2.0 package. This should pull in the correct
> libs.

Hmm, I did not change anything, just simply ran
"./configure --with-gdktarget=directfb", then did a

I assumed that the this would build the demo programs
correctly. What do you mean with "change your Makefile so pkg-config
uses gtk+-directfb-2.0.pc" ?

As I already said: when I don't use "gtk-config" and supply all
include and librariy stuff by hand, I can force the program to
compile and link correctly against the directfb version.

I still assume that this problem is related on how my system
is installed at the moment: the standard GTK / GLib whatever
libs are still present and might interfere with the newly
installed developer versions.

I'm new to directfb, gtk and heavily modifying my Linux
system, so please be patient. ;-)

> Yeah, Pango crashes badly if it can not find a suitable font. This is bad
> but will hopefully be fixed soon.

Perhaps you should include a note about this
stuff into the README file.

> Salut, Sven


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