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[directfb-dev] Re: Some basic DirectFB questions
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[directfb-dev] Re: Some basic DirectFB questions

Hi, (Michael Hunold) writes:

> 2) When the application appears for the first time, all fonts
> are drawn -- well -- destroyed. I have to move the mouse cursor
> onto each string to force a redraw -- then it gets drawn correctly.

this is a known problem that only occurs with the Matrox driver.
It looks as if we are having cache problems here. The gfx card
is accessing the surface before the contents are actually flushed
to the framebuffer. This will be fixed as soon we find out how to 
fix it :-(

> Hmm, I did not change anything, just simply ran
> "./configure --with-gdktarget=directfb", then did a
> "make".
> I assumed that the this would build the demo programs
> correctly.

It definitely should. I don't have the X11 version of GTK+
installed separately so I can't test this here. Are you sure
it does not work?

>  What do you mean with "change your Makefile so pkg-config uses 
> gtk+-directfb-2.0.pc" ?

I was speaking about projects using gtk+-directfb. The easiest
way to get the compiler and linker flags correctly is to use 
pkg-config and ask for gtk+-directfb-2.0.

> Perhaps you should include a note about this
> stuff into the README file.

I think we need a GTK+-DirectFB FAQ. I'll do one as soon as time

Salut, Sven

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