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[directfb-dev] [release] DirectFB 0.9.3
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[directfb-dev] [release] DirectFB 0.9.3

Summary of changes:

- All modules (drivers/providers) are built conditionally, can be
  disabled. configure spits out a summary of all modules.
- Some license headers were forgotten to change to LGPL.
- New remote control keycodes and remote control input type.
- df_window can play video files and behaves like a window manager.
- New "thanks to" section in README.
- Window stack repaints optimized through recursive function.
- Added DirectFBSetOption from Till Adam <>.
- Added IDirectFBWindow/IDirectFBInputBuffer->WaitForEventWithTimeout.
- Changed to pthread conditions in waiting code.
- Matrox driver fixed when blitting from 32bit without blending.
- Added DFBInputDeviceTypeFlags, removed DIDID_TYPE.
- Several cleanups in core, common code moved into helper functions.
- Fonts can be loaded monochrome and/or without kerning.
- Console blanking now disabled.
- Software alpha blending performance boost for non MMX machines.
- Added inputdriver for serial mice with config option "mouse-protocol".
- Modularized inputdrivers.
- Even faster DrawString() software implementations.
- New function Font->GetStringExtents.
- Use of antialiasing, kerning and hinting for fonts is now configurable.
- Some fixes in the software rendering functions.
- Support for interlaced PNGs (thanks to Johannes Zellner).
- Two new example applications in very early stage.
- New function IDirectFB->WaitForSync.

Denis Oliver Kropp
( convergence           )
( integrated media gmbh )

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