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[directfb-dev] Directfb with Objective C, Debian packages
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[directfb-dev] Directfb with Objective C, Debian packages


In directfb.h you use "id" as a variable name, however, "id" is a
keyword of the Objective C language, so I had to replace each occurence
of "id" in my directfb.h to use DirectFB with this language.

Could this be changed in future release ?

Another problem (I guess I should mail to the maintainer of the Debian
Packages, but he might be reading this list).

I use Debian unstable, and I installed this packages :

   - directfb0 0.9.2-2
   - directfb-dev 0.9.2-2
   - pkg-config 0.7.0-1

When I run ./configure in the DFBTutorials-0.3 directory, it doesn't
find directfb :

checking for pkg-config... /usr/bin/pkg-config
checking for DirectFB... configure: error: 
*** DirectFB 0.9.2 or newer is required. The latest 
*** version of DirectFB is always available from

Moreover, in order to change the video mode, I had to download sources
of directfb, and to merge the fb.modes file with mine... (1 hour to find
why SetVideoMode didn't worked ! :-)

Thank you

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