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[directfb-dev] window->Resize problem
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[directfb-dev] window->Resize problem

Hi there,

I do the following and it doesnt work as expected, what am I missing?

- get an image provider for a jpg file
- create a window of the size of the image
- get a surface
- render the image onto the surface (so far so very fine)

now, I want to change the jpg displayed and adjust the size  of the 
window accordingly, so I go: 

- get new provider for the new image
- render it to the surface (which has the old size, I am aware of this)
- window->Resize to the size of the new image

contents of the window are garbled.

I have tried:

- get new provider
- Resize window first
- render

This works as expected, but the resize causes a nasty flicker because
the old image gets resized (and apparently also garbled) before the new
image is rendered on the surface

I would expect the first version to work, though, and I cant imagine
doing the resize first is what you had in mind API wise. 

I'm probably just missing something obvious, so I havent bothered to
look at the code yet.

Thanks for your help,



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