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[directfb-dev] Re: window->Resize problem
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[directfb-dev] Re: window->Resize problem

Quoting Till Adam (
> now, I want to change the jpg displayed and adjust the size  of the 
> window accordingly, so I go: 
> - get new provider for the new image
> - render it to the surface (which has the old size, I am aware of this)
> - window->Resize to the size of the new image

Window->Resize is not supposed to scale the image contents,
its completely ignored (realloc for surface data), so the garbage
comes from different pitches. If you resize vertically only the
image should be preserved.

> I have tried:
> - get new provider
> - Resize window first
> - render

This is the supposed order, scaling the image contents is too expensive.

> This works as expected, but the resize causes a nasty flicker because
> the old image gets resized (and apparently also garbled) before the new
> image is rendered on the surface

We are aware of that bad effect and we are looking for a reasonable solution.

> I'm probably just missing something obvious, so I havent bothered to
> look at the code yet.

You could disable lines 462-465 in src/core/windows.c,
but that's not a reasonable solution (it only prevents the flicker).

Denis Oliver Kropp
( convergence           )
( integrated media gmbh )

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