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[directfb-dev] AW: Re: Undefined references
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[directfb-dev] AW: Re: Undefined references

pl> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
pl> Von:
pl> []Im Auftrag von Denis Oliver
pl> Kropp
pl> Gesendet: Freitag, 15. Juni 2001 03:04
pl> An: Faralla
pl> Cc:
pl> Betreff: [directfb-dev] Re: Undefined references
pl> Quoting Faralla (
pl> > Hi,
pl> >
pl> > I am still trying to cross-compile DirectFB 0.9.3.

pl> Obviously there is code that uses inb and iopl (e.g. vsync code),
pl> but that's not available on other platforms, the should be disabled
pl> by configure, but the sonfigure seems not to probe it the right way.

That´s right. should be

dnl compiling for x86, asm checks and inb/outb/iopl
case "$target" in
i*86-*-*) have_x86=on ;;
*) have_x86=off ;;

and not 'case "$host" in .... i think.

Another Problem i have is, that the CFLAGS I pass to configure are not
Can you help me how to fix this?


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