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[directfb-dev] Re: gifs and windows
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[directfb-dev] Re: gifs and windows

# Thus spake Sven Neumann (

> > ok, i just did a fresh checkout and did not touch my app. My test gif
> > gets displayed now, but its background is still not transparent. The
> > same gif is not transparent in DFBSee either.
> all GIFs with transparency I tried so far are rendered transparent 
> against the black background in DFBSee. Something wrong or special 
> with your GIF file? Why don't do you put it up on the web and post
> the URL here, so we can have a look?!

sure, here you go:

It is probably compromising the copyright of a certain Walter Moers but
I dont use it outside of my home dir. ;)

> Also I'm curious about the app you are writing...

I thought I'd mentioned that before. I'm in the process of porting Tom
Gilbert's image/webcam viewer/indexer/collager "feh" to DFB. Just for
getting to know the API. I have some ideas for "real" projects using DFB
after that. We'll see.



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