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[directfb-dev] possible directfb bug
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[directfb-dev] possible directfb bug


while i was working with the savage driver i noticed something that might 
be a bug in the generic graphics routines. the savage driver accelerates 
blits and not stretchblits and when i first stretchblit (software) 
everything is fine and then when i blit (hardware) everything is fine too 
but when i stretchblit (software) after doing a blit things slow down quite 
significantly. this does not happen in full software mode (with 
--dfb:no-hardware). i had a brief look at the code and i think it is to do 
with the software pipeline in the generic routines not being reset properly 
when changing from a hardware blit to a software stretchblit. this is just 
a gut feeling, someone with more experience with the source code may have a 
better guess. what does the directfb people think about this ?



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