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[directfb-dev] Flipping troubles - videolayer, crtc2
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[directfb-dev] Flipping troubles - videolayer, crtc2

I'm trying to get working flipping in mplayer together with dfb. I've
encountered some problems.

If I switch on flipping for (video)layer (bes on mga) via

      dlc.flags = DLCONF_BUFFERMODE;
      dlc.options = DLBM_BACKVIDEO;
      ret =videolayer->SetConfiguration( videolayer, &dlc );

It returns OK. But surface obtained afterwards doesn't support it. Is
this problem of unimplemented feature in dfb (buffer switching for BES)
or I'm doing something wrong?

Second problem is with framebuffer on CRTC2. I can create surface with
flipping support, but when I call Flip() for it, flip fails. Is there
any limitation for flip support even if surface is successfully created
as flipping?

For now I was only sucesfull of getting work flip on CRTC1 without BES.


P.S.:I've attached "draft" version vo_directfb.c where I've encountered
decscribed problems.
P.S.S.: if anybody can test on other hw than mga G400 and tell me, how
it behave, I'd be happy.

Attachment: vo_directfb.c.bz2
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