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[directfb-dev] Re: possible directfb bug
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[directfb-dev] Re: possible directfb bug

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Denis Oliver Kropp wrote:


> df_dok uses the same surface for blit and stretch-blit (melted.png).

yes it does, i looked at blit_colorkey for some stupid reason. well it
doesn't seem to happen with df_dok then. is this because the source
surface is not being written to (since melted.png is only rendered at the
start) ?


> The alternating would happen if software writes to a surface and blits from it
> using hardware afterwards. This is a common case for displaying videos.

yes i noticed the problems while displaying videos. i will clarify my
problem again. when i display a video with software stretchblit it is fine
and let's call this speed speed1. i then change the software stretchblit
to a hardware blit and this i also fine. now when i change back to a
software stretchblit it gets played back at speed2. now the problem is
that speed2 is much slower than speed1. so what i am feeling is that
something is not being reset properly as a stretchblit is capable of
speed1 but for some reason it can't after swithing from a hardware blit.

in both cases the software is writing to a surface and then blitting using
hardware and software. there is no reason why stretchblit should have
different performance from the first time and the second time. this is why
i think there is a bug somewhere.

i don't know if u misunderstood my problem or i misunderstood your reply
but i think we are talking about different issues here.

> > my current work around is to create 2 surfaces, one for blit and one for
> > stretchblit.
> If you are not blitting/drawing/writing TO these surfaces at any time
> the problem shouldn't occur.

yes, that's how i have done it and they don't occur.



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