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[directfb-dev] savage streams processor
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[directfb-dev] savage streams processor


i am currently working on adding streams support to the directfb savage
driver. i am currently in the middle of changing the existing savage
stream code to the new layer interface and i have a few questions about
the savage streams processor.

from what i understand the primary stream is the framebuffer and the
secondary stream is "layer 1". the new layer interface functions (such as
initlayer, enablelayer etc) seem to relate to "layer 1" and not the
primary layer. the primary layer seems to be set/configured via the kernel
fb driver via dfb_fbdev_set_mode. so what i am really asking is whether
the following is correct:

1. streams have to be enabled in the kernel fb driver
2. primary stream config also done in the kernel fb driver
3. secondary stream config done in the directfb fb driver

1 and 2 can be done in the directfb driver but it will be messy i think as
you will have to set primary layer stuff when "layer 1" is being
initialised. what do you guys think ?

side note: i also fixed a blit with colourkey bug in the dfb savage driver
for savage4 family chipsets. if anyone really want it i will post a patch
otherwise i will post it once i get the stream stuff done.



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