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[directfb-dev] ANNOUNCE: DirectFB 0.9.12
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[directfb-dev] ANNOUNCE: DirectFB 0.9.12


we've made a new DirectFB release. Version 0.9.12 can be downloaded

Here's a summary of the changes since 0.9.11:

  - Added IDirectFBSurface::DrawGlyph().
  - Added IDirectFBFont::GetKerning().
  - Added IDirectFBFont::GetGlyphExtents().
  - Added experimental blitting flags DSBLIT_SRC_PREMULTIPLY,
  - Added dfb_utf8_prev_char() and fixed dfb_utf8_next_char().
  - Added a mask of currently pressed buttons to input and window events.
  - Added structs DFBPoint and DFBDimension.
  - Added DIDTF_VIRTUAL for virtual input devices.
  - Added DSFT_BOTTOM to DFBSurfaceTextFlags.
  - Give font providers control over pixel format and blending function.
  - Define DFBKeyIdentifierNames in directfb_keynames.h.
  - Some smaller fixes to the keyboard mapping.
  - Support all keysymbols in the lirc input driver. 
  - Implemented planar YUV blitting in software driver.
  - Optimizations in the software driver.
  - Fixed blitting and drawing to ARGB in matrox driver.
  - Implemented missing BES flipping in matrox driver.
  - Lots of bug-fixes.

There are also new packages of DFB++, DirectFBGL and DirectFB-examples.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

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