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[directfb-dev] Re: TV oriented application needs; was:ANNOUNCE: DirectFB 0.9.12


"Brian J. Murrell" <> writes:

> > I migth be misunderstanding something here, but why don't you use
> > windows to blend the onscreen GUI over the TV image? This approach
> > should work perfectly fine and is completely hardware-accelerated
> > on a Matrox card.
> Can this be done when the two windows are different applications?
> i.e. if one had an app showing a TV stattion full-screen, could one
> use another app to blend (I am assuming as in a translucent layer on
> top) and OSD on top of that?

sure. If you compile DirectFB with the multi-application core, you can
have one app draw the video window and another app draw a
(translucent) window on top of it. You may create the window with true
alpha channel and/or apply a configurable window opacity. The
multi-application core is still considered experimental but it seems
to work pretty well nevertheless.

Salut, Sven

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