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[directfb-dev] Re: Ruby-bindings

> I disagree. I invite you to look trough the code and see what 
> a mess I make 
> out of it :-) Seriously though. I believe that C++ is the way 
> to go. It may 
> sound a bit strange but I think the structure is clean and 
> simple, and that 
> it is safe, as long as you keep track of your code. It would 
> be a shame not 
> to co-operate. But the choice is yours.

ACK! i will have a look @your code in the next week! just an other
question: why develop a new toolkit? there are so many toolkits
avaible, you can't count them. why revinventing the wheel all the
time? there are sereval good and proofed toolkits: gtk and qt provides
much functions, like simple(r) string handling, a simple socket interface
opengl integration. qt is avaible for framebuffer, X11 and wind00f. the
gtk backend gdk is portet to directfb it's self. ok for small embedded
gtk is too big, but there are lighweight projects too. fox-toolkit and fltk
example. i think for small and fast toolkits needed by embedded system, you
to program c instead of c++.

so please give me a description wath targets you want to reach with your
to programm the "first native directfb toolkit". what ideas are behind it ie
special inputserver, new graphics handling, vector sufaces and so on.

also have a look @ perhaps we can get involved in
directfb backend, perhaps this project is too big for young, enamored
like me and you :P


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