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[directfb-dev] directfb profiling
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[directfb-dev] directfb profiling


i am currently working on the DFB savage driver and i would like to see
how it performs. i am currently running df_layer with an mpeg1 file and i
changed df_layer to use a YV12 surface in stead of YUY2 to test the savage
driver overlays.

i am very new to profiling and its techniques and currently i am just
using top to see how much cpu it uses. when i run df_layer 7 pids show up
so i assume this is the different threads for everything. i sprinkled some
printfs over the directfb code and i found out that there is a process for
main, keyboard events, mouse events, libmpeg3 video, libmpeg3 audio and i
can't figure out what the other two threads are. i placed printf's at
every function registered by pthread_create. any ideas any one ?

also has anyone turned on the profiling flags in gcc with directfb ? does
it work ? i have not used the profiling features of gcc before.

btw, i got YUY2, UYVY and YV12/I420 overlays to work with the DFB savage

any help appreciated.



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