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[directfb-dev] Re: [PATCH] v4l system-only surface support
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[directfb-dev] Re: [PATCH] v4l system-only surface support

On Thursday 27 June 2002 22:05, Denis Oliver Kropp wrote:
> ...
> Someone could add the missing bits by using Mike's code.
I'll make a new patch. The existing patch with an extra file which is mostly a 
copy of the existing v4l-provider wasn't such a good idea, because it's 
difficult to maintain. The new one will patch directly the existing file.

I also have an idea how to tell the provider what it should do 
(grabbing/overlay) at runtime. The idea is, to add a string at the end of the 
filename to give the driver some hints. Like this:
/dev/video0:overlay  or /dev/video0:grab
What do you think about that?

Another, perhaps more generic way, would be to add another parameter to 
CreateVideoProvider which is a simple string with hints.


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