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[directfb-dev] Help me please! About 4bits pixel format.
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[directfb-dev] Help me please! About 4bits pixel format.

So sorry to bother you, but I really want to implement 4bits pixel
format for DirectFB. The source code of DirectFB almost drives me crazy.
Could you please give me some more hint or information?
Until now, I did not understand the structure of DirectFB clearly,
especially the surface memory management. In my understanding, a surface
may occupy a block of memory itself or share a block of memory with
other surface, ie. a sub surface. Am I right? Then, for example if I
alloc a sub surface from an odd x coordination within the father
surface, i.e. (3,4), the memory offset of the sub surface will be 1.5
bytes, but it's impossible! There are many other similar problems in
DirectFB to prevent me implementing 4bpp format. But it is very
important for me, because the hardware is there, and I have no right to
modify it. And DirectFB + GTK2 is by far the most suitable graphical
platform for me.
Could you please kindly help me do it. I will very appreciate you.

James Su

(Sorry for my poor English)

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