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[directfb-dev] thoughts on why MPlayer dfbmga might be stuttering
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[directfb-dev] thoughts on why MPlayer dfbmga might be stuttering

I was just having a conversation with somebody about his work with
getting double-buffered Xvideo working in XFree86 with it's tdfx
Voodoo3 driver (in CVS currently).  He is speculating that his judder
problem is due to the input and output not being "phase-locked" (i.e.
Mplayer keeping it's own timing with regard to frame flips).

That got me to thinking... could this be the problem I am seeing with
MPlayer -dfbmga -vsync currently?  Even at half-rate (320x240) MPEG1 I
was seeing a lot of frame re-displays last night.  Is it possible that
what I am seeing is the result of MPlayer keeping it's own timing
independent of the G400's vsync?


Brian J. Murrell

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