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[directfb-dev] Loading a specific gfx driver
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[directfb-dev] Loading a specific gfx driver


I've never written any driver for any system, but DirectFB made me decide to 
at least give it a try, as it looks like a very nice system.

So, I wrote a small dummy (gfx) driver, just to see if things actually work 
However, I can't find any way to actually use the driver.. as far as I can see 
from reading the manuals there is also no commandline option for specifying 
which driver should be used by the DFB application.

Could someone please tell me how to do this or is it just not possible to 
specify which gfx driver should be used?


ps. Sorry if this message gets posted more than once, this mailing list 
doesn't really seem to like me (took about 2 hours to get the first confirm 
e-mail, and still waiting for the last one).

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