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[directfb-dev] Re: Xine, mplayer providers
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[directfb-dev] Re: Xine, mplayer providers


I am new to DirectFB so please excuse any stupid questions that i may
ask. I have read most of the past posts regarding mplayer and xine
video providers but most patches apply to old versions of both of these.
Is there any updated provider patches for new versions of mplayer and
I dont know about xine. for mplayer I can say that there is an old video provider which you should not use, it leaks badly and is not thread safe, which causes random crashes when calling Stop() SeekTo() etc. I have updated this provider to work with the latest DirectFB and fixed the crashes, but I will release it when the port to 1.0rc1 is finished and all leaks are gone.

mplayer is a really cool player but looking at the code, it is a piece of junk. a much cleaner approach would be using ffmpeg's libavcodec (xine and mplayer also use libavcodec). Using it directly instead of xine or mplayer would eliminate a (fat) additional layer.

I have already made modifications the old patches to compile with
new xine but dfb doesn't seem to want to recognize it as a provider for
some reason.
I had the same problem with the mplayer videoprovider. My "fault" was to use ld for linking instead of using gcc. Maybe you should check that. You can send me your code if you want me to have a look at it.

 Xine seemsto have its own version of video_out for
directfb, is this one good?
I don't know, never tested it.


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