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[directfb-dev] Re: Xine, mplayer providers
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[directfb-dev] Re: Xine, mplayer providers


> mplayer is a really cool player but looking at the code, it is a piece 
> of junk. a much cleaner approach would be using ffmpeg's libavcodec 
> (xine and mplayer also use libavcodec). Using it directly instead of 
> xine or mplayer would eliminate a (fat) additional layer.

IMHO the big advantage of using xine over mplayer is that xine has an
independant library called xine-lib that is really easy to integrate.

Basically you just have to load video out driver, audio out driver, open
a media and play...

Integrating libavcodec is a long and heavy process full of traps..

I was planning to rework the DirectFB video out module of xine-lib for
my DirectFB project so that you can pass a DisplayLayer to the video out
driver and it will create a window for you where the video will be sent

If anyone has some ideas on how we should move i m open on that..

It would be cool to use VideoProvider instead of integrating xine-lib
directly in projects to play videos.


Julien MOUTTE (aka Dolphy)

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