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[directfb-dev] Re: CLE266 DFB driver v0.2 released
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[directfb-dev] Re: CLE266 DFB driver v0.2 released

> Andreas, would you like to continue with the Sourceforge CVS
> or would you like to get access to after I added
> your driver? sounds very good to me!

I won't make any additions to the driver for a while, so now is a good time
to integrate it.

Btw, the AUTHORS file in CVS is browsable from the web, so please use my
sourceforge address and obfuscate it (like this maybe: sleeperse at users
sourceforge net) if you put it in there.



I've released v0.2.1 and it contains an important bugfix.

The CPU can't write to the framebuffer if the GPU is working, and incorrect
syncing code prevented software-rendered elements (eg text) from showing up
from time to time. It looks much better now.


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