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[directfb-dev] Re: Xine Provider code question
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[directfb-dev] Re: Xine Provider code question

Quoting Boris Kuschel:
> Hi,
> Like i mentioned previously, i'm pretty new to this so i have a code
> question i hope somebody can answer. I found the following video_out
> implementation in the new xine-lib, this method is eventually called
> after a xine_open_video_driver call from the provider: 
> typedef struct {
>   IDirectFB *dfb;
>   IDirectFBDisplayLayer *video_layer;
> } dfb_visual_info_t;
> static vo_driver_t *open_plugin (video_driver_class_t *class_gen, const
> void *visual_gen) {
> directfb_driver_t      *this;
>   dfb_visual_info_t      *visual_info = (dfb_visual_info_t*)visual_gen;
> ----------------<snip allocations and irrelevant code>-----------------
> DFBCHECK(this->layer->SetCooperativeLevel(this->layer,DLSCL_ADMINISTRATIVE));
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ <- causes SEGV
> So the original implementation used the IDirectFBVideoProvider_Xine_data
> stucture for visual_gen, but now its looking for
> IDirectFBDisplayLayer->SetCooperativeLive .. so now what? I tried
> passing a layer but nothing.. any ideas?

This video_out plugin from xine is used by xine itself.
It has nothing to do with a video provider.

Best regards,
  Denis Oliver Kropp

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