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[directfb-dev] SIGBUS resizing
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[directfb-dev] SIGBUS resizing

 I tried (with the no threads patch) to add a
 in the INTERFACE_GET_DATA macro (so it is called in every
 interface function) and in fusion_skirmish_prevail (so when
 something is locked you can be sure that your information
 is ok), and the
 result is that i get no "SIGSEGV/cured remapping" message
 while resizing through the wmhack!
 Of course calling fusion_read_pending directly is not the
 final solution
 because it executes a syscall (and it could be slow).
 I still get SIGBUS (si_code = BUS_ADRERR) sometimes, does anyone 
know where it  could be coming from?

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