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[directfb-dev] Re: directfb on xscale
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[directfb-dev] Re: directfb on xscale

Sven Neumann <> wrote:

> Clemens Kirchgatterer <> writes:
> > my next aproach was a basic DFB test programm, that loads 2 png
> > files
> > (each 256 colors without alpha, i hope) and tried to blit one as the
> > screen background and the other over that background. this is
> > awfully
> > slow. i can follow the blitt easily with naked eye. (1 fps, i think)
> Do you render directly from the image provider to the destination
> surface or do you use an offscreen surface the same pixel format than
> the destination? There are quite a few things you might be doing wrong
> (or rather ineffeciently), so you will have to give us some more
> details. Perhaps show us some code snippets?

i just made some progression.

when i set the pixelformat "explicitly" to DSPF_LUT8 on the screen and
the source surface, framerate suddenly raises to 42!FPS. :-)
why isn't the pixelformat set corrctly for best performance? is this a
bug in DFB? or a limitation of the xscale fb?

best regards ...

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