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[directfb-dev] [PATCH] IFusionSoundMusicProvider (timidity)
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[directfb-dev] [PATCH] IFusionSoundMusicProvider (timidity)

This patch adds IFusionSoundMusicProvider interface. It's pretty much a
direct copy of IDirectFBVideoProvider. Maybe the name shouldn't have
"music" in it since it's not limited to music...

I had to move some of the structs to the header files so that I could
access them from the provider.

The included timidity is ripped from some version of SDL.

The only app I have using this right now is my jjffe port. I just couldn't
play it without music so I had to do this patch :)


I was also thinking that there should be another type of provider that
renders into a IFusionSoundBuffer. Like image vs. video providers.

Ville Syrjälä

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