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[directfb-dev] Gtk+ 2.2.2 bugs
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[directfb-dev] Gtk+ 2.2.2 bugs

All Gtk+ examples(so far) run, just not correctly. The primary problem
seems to be that, while the mouse works, the keyboard does not work. 
The mouse and keyboard worked in the DirectFB examples. The examples
were ran as root from within X windows (but get same results from the
plain virtual terminal).

I have checked the following examples programs in the examples folder in

helloworld: (typical problem in all examples)
runs correctly, except that keyboard doesn't work
     (ie. can't hit enter to activate button)
but get cmdline message: "Gdk-DirectFB-Message: unimplemented"
also cannot maximize window via title bar 

same results

same results

gcc 3.2.2 (Mandrake Linux 9.1 3.2.2-3mdk)
DirectFB CVS 09-18-2003 (0.9.20)
glib 2.2.2
atk 1.2.4
freetype 2.1.4
fontconfig 2.2.0 (w/o Xft)
pango 1.2.3 (w/o Xft)
libpng 1.2.5
jpeg 6b
tiff 2.5.7
gtk+ 2.2.2 
     (compiled with the DirectFB patch and compiled to draw the window 
     decorations as per readme)

running vesa framebuffer
64MB NVidia GeForce4 MMX
P4 2.56 GHz

I'll be gone till Tuesday, I'll take another look at this then. If
anyone has any ideas on something I should try, let me know. 



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