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[directfb-dev] Antialiased fonts with inverted alpha channel
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[directfb-dev] Antialiased fonts with inverted alpha channel


Due to Andreas's excellent work I am now playing with the CLE266 driver and getting great results.

A feature of the hardware (and driver) is a video overlay which can be made to alpha blend with the primary surface. The alpha channel is attached to the primary surface (in my case RGB) and it works fine.

The only catch is that the sense is reversed - i.e. 255 means transparent (the primary surface pixel does not show over the video) and 0 means opaque (it does show).

I have found the font drawing code, but I wondered if there is an easy existing way of telling directfb that the alpha channel is inverted? Failing that nothing appears, or if you alter the alpha value, the antialiasing looks wierd.

If not I will hack the code I suppose - any pointers?


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