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[directfb-users] G400 TV-Out while running X
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[directfb-users] G400 TV-Out while running X


I just installed DirectFB and set things up so I can play movies over my 
G400's TV-Out using mplayer, this works flawlessly when done from the console.
When I try to play from within X however, it doesn't work the way I want to,
I'm switched to a different VT (i've got no-vt-switch in /etc/directfbrc, no 
effect) and the screen is all garbled. Is there a way to make it all work the
way I want to ? (movie plays on TV, X stays usable) preferrably without using

My setup:
DirectFB 0.9.20
MPlayer 1.0pre2
Matrox G400 32MB DH

Tom van Wietmarschen

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