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[directfb-users] no text visible in gtk+-directfb?
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[directfb-users] no text visible in gtk+-directfb?

Hi guys - I'm sorry to post so many questions so quickly, however, I'm LOVING directfb+gtk and I REALLY want to get it set up right. Here's my latest problem:

I set up the most recent version of directfb on one of my computers, and it works great. I put the CVS version (so I could get DFBTerm) on my other machine. The machine with the CVS code, doesn't display any text. I installed directfb-engine-0.4; lite CVS; and Directfb CVS. I can change themes, however, I still have no text. I tried the directfb-examples and they have no text either. Is this a font issue or a color issue? What would you guys check if you had this problem?

ALSO - what theme was used for this screenshot? :

I'd really like to set up something similar. Is the alpha-transparency in this picture part of the GTK theme, or is it part of directfb?

I'm sorry I'm a newbie; but I really love directfb and I really appreciate any help you guys can provide me.

Much thanks in advance,

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