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[directfb-users] flipping surface problem
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[directfb-users] flipping surface problem

Hi all,

I GetDisplayLayer 0 (fbdev primary layer, besides my cle266 overlay) and
GetSurface from it. The surface's caps indicate that it requires
flipping. But when I tried with different drawing functions like Clear,
FillRectangle or RenderTo of an image provider, I found that all the
drawings are done in the front buffer, immediately shown on the screen.
Are they supposed to be done in the back buffer and only shown after

I also tested flipping the surface, and found that after all odd
flippings (ie, the 1st, 3rd, 5th... flipping) with flip flags 0, all
drawings have no effect on the screen. And after the even flippings,
they just don't show up. I suppose they are done on the back buffer and,
after flipping, shown on the screen.

I am confused and would like to know what the flipping mechanism is


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