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[directfb-users] Layer 1 completely covers layer 0
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[directfb-users] Layer 1 completely covers layer 0

Hi all,

I can successfully get layer 0 (fbdev primary layer), get a surface from
it and render a jpg to the surface. I would like to use this layer as a
background of my application.

But when I tried getting layer 1 (cle266 overlay), the screen turned
black. I wonder if layer 1 would cover layer 0. I tried to set the
opacity of layer 1 to different values, but with no luck. All I want to
do on layer 1 is to play a video and show some icons as buttons, all in
different windows on this layer.

Shouldn't the two layers be alpha blended automatically by the hardware?
How is my approach to use layer 0 as a background and layer 1 for other
widgets on top? Or should I place all stuffs on layer 1?


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