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[directfb-users] User rights
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[directfb-users] User rights


I can run perfectly the -vo dfbmga in mplayer with root right, but as user it gives that :

(*) parsing config file '/etc/directfbrc'.
(!) DirectFB/core/modules: Unable to dlopen `/usr/local/lib/directfb-0.9.20/systems/'!
--> Ne peut ouvrir le fichier d'objet partagé: Aucun fichier ou répertoire de ce type

---------------------- DirectFB v0.9.20 ---------------------
(c) 2000-2002 convergence integrated media GmbH
(c) 2002-2003 convergence GmbH

(*) Single Application Core. (with MMX support) (2003-11-06 21:49)
(*) DirectFB/misc/memcpy: using MMXEXT optimized memcpy()
(!) DirectFB/fbdev/vt: KD_GRAPHICS failed!
--> Opération non permise
(!) DirectFB/Core: Could not initialize 'system' core!
--> General initialization failure!
(!) DirectFB/Core: Error during initialization (General initialization failure!)
vo_dfbmga: DirectFBCreate() failed - General initialization failure!
Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device.

I look up, the files are user executable and /dev/fb1 is user rw ?
What is missing ?

Thanks, Nicolas.

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