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[directfb-users] no text and artifacts sometimes but not always
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[directfb-users] no text and artifacts sometimes but not always


I am having the following oddities with directfb.

Sometimes when I scroll on some webpages I get artifacts upon scrolling down (not scrolling up). This never happens on, or a handful of other sites but it does happen on google as well as any site that uses frames.

Now, when I first installed DirectFB and XDirectFB I would get these artifacts. Then, one day--without doing ANYTHING differently and having made no changes to my system whatsoever--the artifacts simply went away. Since then the artifacts have come back, gone away entirely, and now they're back again. (I should naver have looked out of XDirectFB, I suppose.)

Also, I am using Qingy instead of getty and it uses DirectFB. It works beautifully except no text is displayed when logging in. The cursor displays fine, but no text. As a test I compiled the DirectFB examples and demos and the like and none of those produced any text either.

Also, just as something interesting... A benefit to Qingy is that if I use XDirectFB and it hardlocks and I use ALT+SYSRQ+K to kill everything, when Quingy restarts the framebuffer is fine.

Compare with XFree86...when it hardlocks and if I can't kill the process via ssh then I'll use ALT+SYSRQ+K and it will destroy the framebuffer making it entirely a mess until I reboot the machine. On the other hand XDirectFB hard locks typically three to five times a day.

Versions used:

gcc 3.2.3
kernel 2.4.20, 2.4.22, 2.6-pre3

If anyone has any thoughts or knows of anything I should check. Let me know if I need to provide details about any other programs or system configurations.



(ps the framebuffer itself in 2.4.22 seems to be messed up... if i scroll to far on the console it turns to crap until it is scrolled several more times...doesn't happen with 2.4.20 or 2.6)

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