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[directfb-users] Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] matrox 550 tv out and mplayer pro
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[directfb-users] Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] matrox 550 tv out and mplayer problem


* Ville Syrjälä <> [20031111 05:03]:
> On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 10:32:00PM -0500, Neil Radisch wrote:
> > I'm in the US. NTSC.
> Damn. There goes my theory :)
> > The chunky artifacts are definitely due to scaling. Normally I use -aspect
> > 1.5 (For some
> > reason -aspect 4:3 looks too tall on all my televisions.... is this a bug?).
> -aspect overrides the the source aspect ratio. Why do you need to use it?
> -monitoraspect sets the output aspect ratio but with normal TVs the
> default 4:3 should be ok.

are you absolutely sure? I think I remember (good ol' times) my Amiga
having a different aspect ratio when using NTSC modes or a (true) NTSC
monitor .. 640x200 vs. 640x256 ..

from PC times something like 640x400 vs. 640x480 has stuck in my mind,
which would mean an aspect ratio of 4:2.5 (or 8:5) ..

you might want to try this :)



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