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[directfb-users] Re: How to make the DirectFB on top CLE266 work
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[directfb-users] Re: How to make the DirectFB on top CLE266 work

Thank you very much, Sven and Andreas.

Following the hints you gave, I found the problem.
When I built the kernel, I chose the option -- Do not mount devfs at the
boot time, so DirectFB can not find the device file of the CLE266
graphic chip.
Now after I rebuilt the kernel and tried 'dfbinfo', the result shows VIA
CLE266 Overlay works.
viapvr:~# dfbinfo

---------------------- DirectFB v0.9.20 ---------------------
(c) 2000-2002 convergence integrated media GmbH
(c) 2002-2003 convergence GmbH

(*) Single Application Core. (with MMX support) (2003-11-15 01:24)
(*) DirectFB/misc/memcpy: using MMXEXT optimized memcpy()
(*) DirectFB/InputDevice: Keyboard 0.9 (convergence integrated media GmbH)
(*) MMX detected and enabled
(*) DirectFB/GraphicsDevice: VIA/S3G UniChrome 0.3 (-)
(*) DirectFB/Layer: Enabled 'FBDev Primary Layer'.

Display Layers

(00) FBDev Primary Layer (primary layer)
Type: graphics
Caps: brightness contrast saturation surface

(01) VIA CLE266 Overlay
Type: graphics picture video
Caps: opacity screen_location surface

Input Devices

(00) Keyboard (primary keyboard)
Type: keyboard
Caps: keys

However I still cannot run 'df_layer' properly, so how can I check the
DirectFB graphics driver module is loaded?


Sven Neumann wrote:

>"Yidan(Edward) Zhou" <> writes:
>>I have double-checked the hardware configuration and the kernel modules.
>>The module of cle266vgaio is loaded and the graphic chip is VIA CLE266.
>I was refering to the DirectFB graphics driver module, not the kernel

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