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[directfb-users] Re: fbset 50hz pal
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[directfb-users] Re: fbset 50hz pal

Le 11/16/2003 01:32 PM, a joliment écrit :


I did not find settings to put in /etc/fb.modes to switch to 50hz vertical refresh for pal tv output.
Are they useless, and if not where can I find them ?

I'm still have problem with the tv output with matrox G550: the tv did don't get the synchro, I see some images but it's flashing.
I tryed

mode "pal"
    # H: 15.625 kHz, V: 50.081 Hz
    geometry 640 256 640 256 4
    timings 70484 106 86 40 14 76 2
    bcast true


It doesn't work. Am I on the right way ?

Please help me, I'm close to give up.


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