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[directfb-users] Re: Freebsd, DirectFB

No, this is not 100% true. If SDL on a specific platform supports another target than X11 (i.e aalib,kgi, etc), it should also work. If your computer crashes, it is not our fault.

For example I got DirectFB working with aalib in text mode running under NetBSD.

SDL support in DirectFB is mainly for debugging purposes and to run DirectFB programs on non-linux platforms. It would be better to support FreeBSD's framebuffer device directly. I once had a look at it, but could not get it working as I wanted to.


ohh.... got it..

the SDL support is only at X11...

actually the idea was to use it without X11..

so i guess ill have to wait for something like KGI ( )
to make SDL work in the console, and so directFB.

(becouse SDL work only on X11 right?...)


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