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[directfb-users] Problems running XDirectFB.
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[directfb-users] Problems running XDirectFB.

Hello all.

  I am having a little problem in getting XDirectFB to run properly.  I
am running on an Athlon XP 2000+ and a Geforce 4 card with a new install
of Fedora Core.  I have installed DirectFB and XDirectFB from some
prebuilt RPMS instead of compiling from source.

  When I run dfbinfo I get the following errors:

       ---------------------- DirectFB v0.9.20 ---------------------
             (c) 2000-2002  convergence integrated media GmbH
             (c) 2002-2003  convergence GmbH
(*) Single Application Core. (with MMX support) (2003-11-23 05:04)
(*) DirectFB/misc/memcpy: using MMXEXT optimized memcpy()
(!) DirectFB/core/fbdev: Error opening `/dev/fb0'!
    --> No such device
(!) DirectFB/Core: Could not initialize 'system' core!
    --> Not supported!
(!) DirectFB/Core: Error during initialization (Not supported!)
(#) DirectFBError [DirectFBCreate() failed]: Not supported!

  I would appreciate any help.



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